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Big T Pollen Press to make the most out of resin

The Large T Pollen Press is a great quality product to make hash. Very easy to use, regardless of whether the resin was obtained with a grinder, sieve or filter. The obtained hash will retain unique terpenes and properties. 

How to use the Large T Pollen Press:

  • Place a plug on the bottom and fill with resin.
  • Get the other plug and close the press.
  • Tighten the top screw for a moment and then let go and check on the results. 
  • Unscrew the bottom plug and press with the top one to take out the hash.

Made of shiny stainless steel, very easy to use

This great quality press is made of shiny stainless steel and features a simple and safe mechanism. You can feel its great quality and resistance by just touching it, which is very important because otherwise, it would break when taking out the hash, as it requires quite a bit of pressure.